Quality Policy


Customer Focus

Sami TONGUN Inc cares about.Existing also important to the principle of quality management principles and future customer needs Customer Focus Marketing Group, and the studies with a common R & D activities in order to fulfill customer requirements and to determine the methods development.According to the results of his studies to evaluate customer satisfaction survey, review and performs the necessary improvements on the subject
Quality Policy

"SAMI TONGUN Inc. 's Quality Policy" with an understanding of the fundamental principles of our quality policy as follows not cover. Quality stated. Policy to all staff through training and wall panels announced.Management Meetings Review of the Quality System that supports the policy of quantitative (with certain numerical and termini) is determined by the quality objectives.
Sami Tongun Inc. ;

  • Continuously improving Quality Management System comply with the conditions and ensure the effectiveness of this system,
  • Products are held in compliance with the conditions and working environment to ensure the creation of necessary infrastructure,
  • Accordance with the requirements and expectations of our customers by offering quality products at national and international standards to increase their satisfaction,
  • Considering the future of our clients to resolve any complaints efficiently,
  • Suppliers to provide our customers with quality products and cheaper to strengthen
  • Using resources effectively and efficiently performed by applying the approach in production process to minimize waste,
  • All workers in the establishment of awareness of quality, continuity and quality of the work done to instill responsibility

Quality Certificate Techn. Spec.