About Us


TONGÜN is a family operated firm who is builded in 1967 by Sami TONGÜN in İstanbul.


At the present time, TONGÜN GROUP, a group of three separate companies, tranfers

45 years of SMC - BMC raw material and glass fibre reinforced polyester knowledge and

experience in a 30.000 m2- integrated plant in Gebze.


It produces flush mounted and surface mounted, hollow or fitted according to order

electricity, telecommunication, natural gas, city distribution cabinets, meter cabinets,

junction cabinets, waterproof receptacles, transparent cover- receptables, stick type street

lightening armatures, isolators, benches in line with the requirements of municipalities,

manhole covers, loopholes out of glass fibre polyester.


TONGÜN who stands firm on quality control process through raw material and final product,

has registered its national and international standarted production with production

certifications such as TSE, UL, GOST-R etc. and with Quality Management System

certifications which are ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001.

TONGÜN has added a huge modern establishment to ABS and policarbonat based products in the middle of the year 2011, which called TONGÜN  PLUS®.


TONGÜN is able to provide solutions for all kind of engineering project with the support of machining, CAD/CAM design and moulding facilities in its own modern facilities.

The company presents the manufactured products to costumers in Turkey and worldwide;

thanks to its quality which is identified with the name “TONGÜN”.

Some of the main product groups are;

·         BMC & SMC raw material sales,

·         Fiberglass reinforced polyester composite and ABS based (IP 67 and IP 65 protection classes)  distribution enclosures for electric, telecommunication, energy, natural gas, marine, water - meter and multi purposal junction boxes

·         Modern city infrastructural components, D 400 and C 250 protection class composite based manhole and loophole covers, drain covers, boundary elements, outdoor type seating group

·         Our  international patented product group,  SZC® branded self reflective and phosphoric speciality pedestrian crossing plates and vehicle speed breaker plates

·         Automotive parts,

·         Some parts for defence industry


TONGÜN GROUP is formed by 2 independent firms which have experiences in their sectors ;


• Sami TONGÜN Polyester Glass Fibre Products Inc

Sami TONGÜN is the manufacturer firm of BMC & SMC raw materials for TONGÜN GROUP by the 4M Composite trademark.

TONGÜN GROUP realizes raw material sales and moulding facilities via this firm.

Together with, Sami TONGÜN produces the fiberglass reinforced polyester based simple or installed enclosures correspond to the domestic and international demands.

TONGÜN is the initiator of polyester manufacturing enclosures in Turkey. Today TONGÜN continues its operations according to the world standards and ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001 Certificates.


• Electrical Telecommunications Gas Products Marketing Industry and Trade TONGÜN Inc

This firm administers the sales and marketing activities for TONGÜN GROUP.


TONGÜN realizes the sales of the composite enclosures and the modern city infrastructural components. It has reached to 50 countries and competes with other producers in the world with its own reputable “TONGÜN PANO®” branded quality.