TONGÜN started the production of ABS and Polycarbonate Based Products

TONGÜN adds one more to the modern facilities as of year 2011, started to produce ABS and polycarbonate-based products, TONGÜN PLUS ® brand of ABS and polycarbonate products on the market has taken its place as soon as possible. Machining, computer-aided mold - fields (CAD / CAM) experience and the work of R & D Laboratory is able to offer solutions to all kinds of engineering projects.

Crude Article, each production process to final product quality control applications, without compromising the Tongun, the production of national and international standards, TSE, UL, GOST-R, and so on. product documentation, ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001 Quality Management System has been registered with the documents.

World-wide "TONGÜN" name synonymous with quality, thanks to products which have been manufactured in Turkey and offers its customers worldwide.